Stories of Community | Beauty Insider Relaunch | Sephora

How do you turn a loyalty program into a community platform? Bundle all social media and invite the whole world.

From Loyalty Program to Community Platform.

Beauty Insider

The Beauty Insider loyalty program was only growing by increasing the basket size of existing members. The number of new members was stagnating. As part of the Let’s Beauty Together rebrand, we reimagined Beauty Insider as a community platform.

The community of Facebook. The pictures of Instagram.
The reviews of Amazon. The comments of Yelp.
The access of Twitter. The discussion of Reddit.
All in one platform. All about beauty.

The old Beauty Insider had an exclusive tone. We changed it to inclusive with an emphasis on community. Visually, we rebranded it with black and white dots that represented people getting together. This existed as a sub-brand to Sephora’s black and white stripes while capturing its own integrity as a separate identity.

We made everything socially driven. Having created the online destination for the beauty community, we gained unique access to their behaviors and preferences, which was phenomenal for our data analytics. We went from three client categories to 36. This also allowed us to better understand our clients, personalize recommendations, customize communications and foresee trends.

Within a month, we captured a million new members.