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From catalog to curation

Objects of Desire

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Rebrand the catalog and position Shinsegae as a lifestyle brand.

At the time, the Shinsegae catalog was a huge mash of all their products with a relentless focus on price and product benefit. We tiered it into smaller catalogs by audience, then beautifully curated items just for that clientele and showcased each one with storytelling that elevated it and spoke to their unique sensibility.

By minimizing cost, size and print runs, we were able to increase efficiencies and within the same budget not only tailor a catalog to each audience, but also increase the quality of color, paper and art direction. We showcased bold images of a single product per page in an editorial style for that client type. For example, Style Notes, the catalog for men—particularly men who dislike shopping— was formatted as a fashion manual in the manner of a dictionary, offering definitions, advice and background on each item.

If a product was featured in the catalog, it was virtually guaranteed to sell out. This helped cement Shinsegae as an edgy high-end lifestyle brand.