Stories of Aspiration | Only Shinsegae

How to turn a low-end department store into the leading fashion retailer in Korea in three steps.

Only Shinsegae

The transformation of a department store into a lifestyle brand.

Differentiate Shinsegae from the competition and transform it into a young, stylish lifestyle brand.

While other department stores uniformly marketed on value, showing the same smiling woman exclaiming about discounts, we invited shoppers —especially hip, youthful ones—into the chic, edgy world of Shinsegae.

We steadily upgraded the apparel lines we carried from low end to mid end to high end, banished any bargain language, and elevated our merchandise to exclusive beautiful items that you could get “Only at Shinsegae.” Sensational images, world-class art direction and famous models filled our campaigns, which featured the work of iconic photographer Steven Meisel.

Shinsegae went from a low-end department store who couldn’t get invited to fashion shows to be the leading fashion retailer in Korea.