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How do you get a million subscribers in your first year? Offer the best subscription box—then reinvent it every month.

Up your Gen Z

Beauty Game

Play! by Sephora

Each month, uncover the most sought-after products around, hone your skills, and have fun along the way. With a monthly selection of five deluxe samples, enjoy highly effective formulas, cult bestsellers, and new breakthroughs from coveted brands you’ll find at Sephora. Every item in your box is there for a reason and handpicked straight from our shelves. But stellar samples are only the beginning; with each box you’ll also learn all about your products, discover how-to tips to play outside the lines, plus receive a PLAY! Pass for a one-on-one tutorial with Sephora’s Beauty Experts.

Create a new business model to reach new clients who don’t yet shop at Sephora.

Unmatched selection. No one can compete with our mix of samples.
Extensive expertise and education, from our makeup artists to our videos.
900 freestanding stores and another 200 inside JCP, where they can come in and use their Play! Pass to speak with a live beauty advisor.

Super girly, super young, super fun.
Tone: Her Beauty Editor Friend, in full-on best friend mode.

Dynamic branding: While maintaining a thread of brand cohesion, we mixed it up every month by having a different creative team variate the style and prioritizing input from our youngest team members.