Stories of Realness | #SkinGoals | Sephora

How do you persuade drugstore shoppers to try prestige skincare? Get real, real fast.

Let’s Get Real
about Skincare.

Real People. Real Results. Real Fun.

Promises don’t register without proof. What does? Miracles born of nature and science. Cult favorites endorsed by word of mouth. Trends fueled by popular demand. Together, we’ll help you uncover the magic bullet for your skin and each step to how it’s done. The biggest surprise: It’s actually a lot of fun.

Grow the Skincare category at Sephora. At the time, Color was driving 70% of the business.

We made skincare exciting by curating niche brands and breaking emerging trends to the mainstream. Our Trending at Sephora series spotlighted K-Beauty, Future 
Naturals, and Skin Superfoods. We played up our Beauty 
Editor Friend voice—down to earth, playful and helpful—in 
campaigns like #SkinGoals and Your Skincare Holy Grails. Lastly, we targeted drugstore clients with the Let’s Get Real 
campaign to convert them to prestige skincare with “proof,
not promises.” The Real Results Challenge offered free samples to test skincare claims and share the results online.

Skincare revenue tripled.