Stories of Togetherness | Sephora Brand 2.0

How do you rebrand the leading beauty retailer for a new era? Champion bold choices in beauty—and life.

Let’s Beauty Together

Sephora Brand 2.0

At Sephora, we imagined stories about, by and for Beauty Likers, Beauty Lovers and Beauty Junkies.
The stories that the beauty community deserved to tell and that the world needed to hear.
We told the story of Let’s Beauty Together.

Sephora Brand Purpose
We believe beauty is yours to define and ours to celebrate. We encourage bold choices in beauty and in life. Our purpose is to Inspire Fearlessness.

Sephora Brand Promise
We partner with clients to create the personal beauty they’ve defined.

Sephora Brand Behaviors
Teach. Inspire. Play.

Sephora Brand Personality
Your Beauty Editor Friend: Imagine you had a friend in beauty. An expert in all the latest products, trends and techniques, and a great teacher.