Sephora Collection : Uncomplicate Beauty


Sephora Collection was socially driven brand for entry-level Sephora clients. 

Illustration and handwriting was used as tertiary visual elements for the brand to bring bite-sized contents in more fun and engaging way with younger clients helping them uncomplicated beauty. I hired an in-house illustrator/designer dedicated to the brand to maintain consistency and efficiency.


Main branding driven by Beauty (main) and texture (second)


Bite-sized digital contents complemented with illustration, handwriting and conversational voice. 

Sephora Collection Instagram


Sephora Collection YouTube

Low-level production : Short form digital contents for Sephora Collection. Sephora’s private label brand targeting younger beauty clients teaching bitesized information. Worked with talents without narrative but with Sephora Collection branded graphic elements to deliver information. 


Lips Uncomplicated

Brushes Uncomplicated

Swath Me : Colorful gloss balm 

Swath Me : Gel concealer



Other branding projects with illustration

Because I do love working with tasteful illustrations and handwriting and they do bring humor, wit and fun to brands’ storytelling. 


Play by Sephora

Boon Jr.

Shinsegae Loves Britannia

SSG Food Market

Vecchia e Nuovo

Jardin de Chouette

Shinsegae Loves Jeff Koons