Story-telling driven contents for Sephora

Stories from Sephora Makeup Artists for “Reach out and Gift” Holiday 2017 campaign. 


High-level production (motion and non-motion) : 360 omni-channel content creation for 12-week Holiday campaign. From inspirational video talking about Unique Beauty to main visuals were produced during 5-day-production in New York. Also we used this production’s casting process to recruit Sephora makeup artists to create everyday social contents in Sephora LA studio beyond Senior makeup artists.


Overall story and making-of-Holiday 2017


Get Unready With Me: Normal to Combination Skin | Sephora


Get Ready With Me: Sunset Smoky Eye | Sephora


Get Ready with Me : Gold Cut Crease


Campaign Main Visual (still)



Stories about “Unboxing of Play by Sephora” monthly beauty subscription box.

We had two different templates. 

Mid-level production : These videos were produced with our internal teams as talents to talk about the box with expert POV, shot in Sephora LA studio with product shelving background setup with minimal graphic treatment. 

High-level production : These videos were produced with our box subscribers in locations in LA. We phased out this template and moved to Sephora LA studio template with internal team.  


With internal team of makeup artists, merchants, writers and marketers in Sephora LA studio.

With the box subscribers and makeup artist shot in location.



Stories of How to Beauty.

These are long-form contents of educating Sephora clients on How to Beauty. 

Mid-level production : These videos were produced in Sephora LA studio on white background with very simple Sephora branded graphic treatment. From 2014-2016, we have tested 15 Senior makeup artists to create contents. By 2017, we have identified 4 Senior makeup artists who are good in front of camera and worked with them only. We started giving them talking points and worked without written script. We have a few different templates such as What’s New, Get Unready / Get Ready, How to, etc. 


What’s new at Sephora

How to create a skincare routine with Jeff

Get Unready With Me: Normal to Combination Skin | Sephora

Beauty is your to define and ours to celebrate

Stories from Brand Founders for Made with Love campaign.

Stella McCartney

Josie Maran

Alli Webb / Dry Bar



Instagram campaign

Most of what you have seen above, we edited contents for omni-channel purposes from print to retail to digital. Here are a few examples of Instagram driven digital campaigns. 


#LUXEatSephora (low-budget)




#FOUNDATIONatSephora (internal photo studio)




Bite-sized digital contents for Sephora Collection. 

Low-level production : These are short form digital contents for Sephora Collection. Sephora’s private label brand targeting younger beauty clients teaching bitesized information. Worked with talents without narrative but with Sephora Collection branded graphic elements to deliver information. 


Lips Uncomplicated

Brushes Uncomplicated

Swath Me : Colorful gloss balm 

Swath Me : Gel concealer



Visually driven videos

These videos are produced for digital display in retail spaces


30 sec inspirational digital content for Sephora Holiday

Shinsegae Young Korean Designer Shoes 

(used as digital teaser and digital display in retail)

Shinsegae fashion, beauty, food and lifestyle

(used as digital teaser and digital display in retail)

Shinsegae Holiday 2011 Set-up

Shinsegae Loves Jeff Koons 2011

Behind-the-scene of making of SSG Food Market

Food Market Holiday 2012 set up (used as a digital display in the retail space)