I reinvent and elevate brand experiences from Sephora to Google, by telling relevant stories and creating cohesive expressions from the tone of voice, photography, packaging, brochure to digital content.

I am confident in integrating different design platforms and creating cohesive omnichannel expressions from packaging design to social media. By giving cohesive brand experience and relevant stories across all media, I bring unique retail experiences into direct-to-consumer brands.

I appreciate crucial elements of classic brand design. I know how to translate those elements into modern and digital content across all platforms, especially bringing a brand voice to life in owned commerce and third party.

Story of Beauty is Yours to Define & Ours to Celebrate. 
> Beauty Is Yours to Define, Ours to Celebrate | Images 2017

I am great at creating structures, processes and systems, and I also know when to color outside the lines.  

From organizational structures to creative marketing processes, the key is to keep an open mind.

I love making brands look good. But more importantly, I love making them work. 

Understanding business goals and achieving high-level KPI.

I enjoy working with people as a creative leader and creative thinking partner.

Integrating creative disciplines and collaborating with business teams.

I navigate ambiguity and adventure with both intuition and logic.

Smart work processes and a strong creative team can solve any number of unexpected challenges.

From Seoul to Providence, New York, London, New York, back to Seoul, and now San Francisco!

…and I love making memories with my kids and the people I meet along the way.