Stories of Culture | Shinsegae Loves Jeff Koons

Korea’s leading fashion retailer wears its heart on its sleeve.

Stories of Aspiration | Only Shinsegae

How to turn a low-end department store into the leading fashion retailer in Korea in three steps.

Stories of Giving | Holiday 2017 | Sephora

Beauty shows its true colors. All of them.

Reach out and Gift! | Holiday 2017 | Sephora

For the one-of-a-kind people you love.

Stories of Fearlessness | Lip Boldly | Sephora

How do you make the boldest colors accessible to the most bashful? A little technology and a lot of fun.

Stories of Inclusion | Holiday 2016 | Sephora

Sometimes a red lipstick isn’t a just a red lipstick.

Stories of Individuality | Sephora Brand 2.1

What happens when you let people define their own beauty?

Stories of Togetherness | Sephora Brand 2.0

How do you rebrand the leading beauty retailer for a new era? Champion bold choices in beauty—and life.

Stories of Realness | #SkinGoals | Sephora

How do you persuade drugstore shoppers to try prestige skincare? Get real, real fast.

Stories of Confidence | Sephora Collection

The key to massive client acquisition for a lifestyle brand? Think small.

Stories of Community | Beauty Insider Relaunch | Sephora

How do you turn a loyalty program into a community platform? Bundle all social media and invite the whole world.

Stories of Discovery | Play! by Sephora

How do you get a million subscribers in your first year? Offer the best subscription box—then reinvent it every month.

Stories of Pride | Like a Curl Boss | Sephora

When is bigger better? When it comes to self-love, confidence and textured hair.

Stories of Emotion | Smells Like You | Sephora

Is Fragrance only about notes and origin stories? Not even close.

Stories of Artisanal Food | SSG Food Market | Shinsegae

Old-world ceremonial packaging made new

Stories of Dressing Men | Style Notes | Shinsegae

Who says there isn’t a manual for style?

Stories of Hotels | Westin Chosun

All the service, none of the snobbery.

Stories of Trendsetting | Boon the Shop & Co. | Shinsegae

Dressing the label that caters to the best dressed.

Stories of Culture | Shinsegae Loves Britannia

More British icons than you can shake an umbrella at.

Stories of Culture | 2NE1 Loves Shinsegae

Staying ahead of the crowd: Call in your favorite K-Pop group. Then have them call in their favorite designer

Stories of Style | Jardin de Chouette | Shinsegae

Classic design for a timeless aesthetic

A Brand is A System of Rules | Sephora Branding

Start by defining your core brand DNA.

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